Spectrum News: Lawmakers disagree over how to improve public safety following Austin mass shooting

AUSTIN, TEXAS — After this past weekend’s mass shooting in Austin, lawmakers are in disagreement over how to improve public safety.

While some argue that access to guns is the problem, others say cities like Austin aren’t investing enough in their police departments.

Twenty-two-year-old Noah Ramirez was on 6th Street early on Saturday morning when what started as a fun night with friends quickly turned into a scene of panic and chaos as gunshots rang out.

“People running everywhere, cops flying in with their weapons drawn, seeing the bodies on the ground and bleeding and just screaming,” said Ramirez.

He shot video of the scene, moments after 14 people were shot. We now know one of the victims has died.

“Knowing that somebody has actually passed away, and how tragic that is, and seeing that we were that close it’s … hard to comprehend or fathom that that could have been a reality for my family,” said Ramirez….

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