The Texan: Harris County Snags $1 Million in Private Funds for Elections Before State Ban Goes Into Effect

Past behavior dictates future behavior and that goes double for Harris County Commissioner’s Court. After taking $9.6 Million Dollars of “ZuckerBucks” in the 2020 Presidential Election for their elections operations, and wasting a big chunk of it on printing but not mailing 2 Million absentee ballot forms because they lost in State and Federal Court, THEY’RE BACK taking another Million dollars into county coffers from Houston Endowment, a private philanthropic institution, before the new law HB 2283 that I co-sponsored banning this type of behavior goes into effect!

As accurately portrayed in this Texan News story by Holly Hansen, (, the 3 to 2 leftist progressive county court majority Hidalgo, Ellis and Garcia overrides all common sense and takes another significant “donation” of money from just like in the last election. I wonder if this money has the same strings attached as the last big donation of mailing every voter in the county an absentee ballot form, setting out drop boxes, and then promoting canceling signatures on the absentee ballots themselves!! See, this is the real record of Harris County that I read into the Senate record on the SB7 debate, and why I cosponsored this law HB 2283 as this behavior has to be stopped. To hear more about the illegal construct of the elections administrators office read the article
Oh did I mention Harris County still has an unexplained error rate on drive thru vote of about 1.5%? We’ll talk about that in another post but read this Texan story now on Harris Counties’ last money grab for elections here!
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