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    About Paul Bettencourt

    First elected to the Senate in 2014, Senator Paul Bettencourt represents Senate District 7, which encompasses most of West Harris County. He previously served 10 years, from 1998 – 2008, as the Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector, where he introduced “Smart Government” at the Harris County Tax Office and developed a customer service-driven organization. His team created the first major county online property tax payment system and the first county tax office website with online vehicle registration in Texas. (His motto was “Get on-line, not in-line.”) He was well-known as the “Tax Man” for his outspoken efforts to cut property taxes.

    In the most recent Legislative Session, Senator Bettencourt successfully passed Senate Bill 2, the Texas Property Tax Reform and Transparency Act of 2019, by a vote of 21-9 to bring meaningful property tax reform and relief to all Texas taxpayers. This was the first major property tax reform legislation in almost 40 years, and the culmination of two decades of advocacy.  He also continued his work on adult stem cell therapies in Texas by sponsoring HB 3148, building upon previous legislative sessions to get  government out of the way, allowing new therapies to flourish and give terminally and chronically ill patients hope for a better quality of life.  His work during the 86th Session earned him the distinction of “Senate MVP” by Capitol Inside, “Bull of the Brazos” by Texas Monthly, and he was given the “Citizen’s Choice Award” by Empower Texans.  He has also been called an “architect of tax relief” by Governor Greg Abbott.

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    2 days ago
    Paul Bettencourt

    Here's a video of what is really in the VOTER INTEGRITY Bill, SB 1, that passed the Texas Senate 18 to 4 last week. Instead of taking "beer to go" on a private jet to Washington D.C, Texas House Democrats should’ve taken "the bill to go" and actually read SB1 as 22 Bipartisan members of the Texas Senate did before voting on it! The video is the floor discussion between the author Bryan Hughes and myself about what is actually in the bill!

    You don't ever hear these truths, so watch the video to hear what the real argument is about. I offered an Amendment providing poll watchers with a training manual maintained by the Secretary of State when they are appointed. Poll watchers have been unfairly maligned in this frothy national media coverage, but they are simply "sunshine" in the electoral process!

    Note, every single election official at the polls on election day is appointed by one party or another...but it's not Jim Crow somehow!!

    Finally, an important point that hasn’t yet been made clear in the media about Early Voting on Sunday in Texas… is that SB1 requires AT LEAST 6 hours of voting on Sunday. It actually increases it from the current law of 5 hours. This is NOT suppression but instead a voting time extension in counties above 30k in population across the board.

    A Democrat Senator during debate said he wanted to "expose the bill", and this video shows Senator Hughes and I talking about "the truth of the bill" you won't want to miss!

    Senator PB
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    Good. The Public should hear and be able to read the Bill. Doesn't look difficult explains steps, what they added, what was taken out. People take time to read and make your own choice. We want what's right for Texas and our citizens.

    The only Political Party that WANTS Voter Suppression and Jim Crow laws are the Democrats and,as far as having a national debate on this or any serious subject regarding "OUR,WE THE PEOPLE" laws,rights being covered by Washington's Media or any Leftist Media outlet cannot occur due to the medias inability to comprehend these real and VERY IMPORTANT ISSUES !

    You have to keep the bill from being voted on so nobody will read it. They would find out what lying SOBs the democrats are!

    Texas was built on when it gets tough the tough get going The Democrats put their tails between there legs and went crying to Washington 1600 Pennsylvania Ave to be exact And b Now to spread and contract covid

    Got it covered on Sunday voting hours and more of what's actually in the bills... texasscorecard.com/state/gop-lawmakers-set-the-record-straight-on-texas-election-bills/

    Legal voting only!! No ballot stuffing or ballot harvesting!!! Among all the other free wheeling NOT legal games played in the last election!!

    The truth will set you free! God bless and protect those who serve the truth and judge those who distort the truth for personal gain.

    Every Democrat who fled Texas for Washington DC betrayed their oath of office, and should forfeit their office and all pay and benefits.

    Great job, Paul!

    Every Texan and American should listen to this. They will not say it but I will say that they are lying about the Texas Voter Integrity Bill.

    If we have the Democrat Senators in town how about letting them sit in for the House Dems that are avoiding their work.

    Thank you, Mr. Bettencourt! Much respect for you.

    Get Em Paul. Keep hammering away.

    Thank you all for addressing this issue!

    Julie Strother said she doesn't want responses to her comment, but I don't want anyone to be misled by her statements, in particular: SB1 sets Sunday voting for AT LEAST 6 hours between 6am-9pm... how could that impede Souls to the Polls? The Voter ID requirement in SB1/HB3 is ONLY to write the ID number on the ballot (NOT enclose a copy). IDs are the same as for voting in person, as is the affidavit option for voters without ID. 80% of Texas voters support this. It really does help to read the bill... capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/871/billtext/pdf/SB00001E.pdf#navpanes=0

    As long as the poll watchers have proper documents, I have always welcomed them to whatever poll I was the Presiding Election Judge. I always bring snacks for my poll workers and offered them to the poll watchers, too.

    Nobody cares about the election integrity bills. Eliminate property tax

    What truth, Republicans don't know what that entails.

    In 1960 the National General election, had 73% turn out, with ID's and a utility bill to prove residence. Then we had the 80's and 90's and it dropped to 40%. Some genius wanted more voters, and chose to lower the requirements. What is SO different between now and 1960 ? Lazy is the first word in my mind.

    The Republicans are the ones acting and supporting reckless voting suppression, when there was no visible or negligent voter fraud. So ask yourself, why are they promoting SB1?

    The AWOL Dems just lie resist and obstruct. Facts and truth is not in their language

    So they didn’t even read the content of the bill before they decided to act out.

    All the posative points are irrelevant to Democrats. It's "restrictive" because it doesn't go far enough to them. They are declaring that it is RESTRICTING "VOTING" by NOT expanding to unsolicited mass ballot mail outs, 24 hour voting, unmonitored dropoff boxs and drive through voting. (This is what they are telling people, committed to voting for a yellow dog to keep their party in power.) They are purposely defining the mass accumulation of ballots (by any means possible) as voting.



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    1 week ago
    Paul Bettencourt

    At a Senate Republican Caucus press conference, I demanded House Democrats come back to vote on Senate passed bills that save money in Texan's checkbooks and ultimately save lives…

    My property tax relief bills, SB 8, SB12 and SJR 4 to provide 1st year homestead exemption tax savings and relief to over 65 or disabled homeowners by reducing freeze values passed 22 to 0, unanimously. That would help over 2 Million Texas Homeowners..! Also Senator Huffman's SB 6, the bond reform bill, that will stop leftist progressive judges from releasing violent criminals on low dollar or PR bonds like popcorn back into society.

    Most importantly, the Texas legislature only has a week left to vote on two constitutional amendments to get them to the Texas Secretary of State and get them on the November 2021 ballot for voter approval.. If House Democrats don’t show up to work, Millions of Texans homeowners will have to wait another year for more property tax relief & bail reform to literally save lives by denying violent criminals PR bonds that is block again just like the last night of the regular Session in the House Democrats previous walkout! #getbacktowork
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    Progressives?..misnomer...Regressives is appropriate. Well, we get to vote soon enough.

    Impeachment for all of them. They are irresponsible brats for shirking their elected duties.

    None of these “tax reforms” are going to do much good until something is done about appraisal districts...

    Don’t worry about it, far as I’m concerned they gave up their right to vote by walking out! Do what’s right for the people!!!!!!!

    Democrats do NOT want tax relief in any form. That is their personal slush fund to reward their constituents

    Paul Bettencourt stop with the property tax relief bills. They don’t work. The only thing that will work is property tax elimination!!! You might as well be absent in Congress like the democrats.

    Reckless, undependable, and irresponsible. Their seats need to be immediately declared vacated and a call for a special election made to replace them.

    If they do not show an vote they should be removed ‼️ We the people are pissed off an need our elected officials to represent us not their special interest that pads their pockets. You might want to hear the people not your own agenda ( both parties )

    Do any of you people understand what you vote for ? Politicians on both side promise the world. I just want one to understand what we the people want an vote for us not the lobbyist that pay them through special interest

    Send the Texas Rangers to arrest them. If another life is lost, trial them and hold them accountable. Abandoning your responsibility is not acceptable!

    They should be penalized to the point of losing their job.

    If you all would repeal the unfair social security law like the G P O and the W E P you could keep your one time 13 check i have called and called about this since 1980 now I am 91 years old guess I will never live to see the GPO repealed

    They are working on a bs lie of an excuse as to why they left and they will expect texans to choke down their excuse. There is NO excuse for this childish behavior and they should all be thrown out of office and in jail!!

    Fire them. If I left work because I didn’t think the rules were unfair I would be fired.

    Fire every last one of them we the people demand it. We pay their salaries so fire them.

    People need to read the voting bill and so they know what the issues are. I did and all I saw was stuff that try to address the fraud issues in the last few elections. I didn’t see anything that I consider voter suppression to anyone… look for yourself, make up your own mind!

    Look this a very simple fix for all these people that don't show up for work. And that goes for both sides. If you don't come your vote automatically goes to the other side. I bet you all will have to go to work now so your vote dose not got to the other parties.

    They don't care about Texans. Or the people who did vote for them here in Texas. My friends, My family voted for them, say they should do something wasn't expecting them to walk out for a second time. They complain about the gas prices, grocery prices, wood prices. Now some of them feel their votes don't matter, and are talking about change over.

    I hope those runaway democrats will be voted out the next time they are up for reelection. They abandoned their jobs so how would you trust them to do their job when they return? I wouldn't!

    I served as a poll judge and as I read the provisons of the voting bill I would be frighten as it puts too many people into small voting areas. When someone will fire a gun just because someone made a rude hand gesture, the role of the poll judge becomes too dangerous. Amend the bill, please.

    If it was such a priority to pass these bills, why did you wait until a special session to use it as leverage for more controversial bills? Houston deserves better than a representative that plays political games when it comes to "property tax relief & bail reform to literally save lives by denying violent criminals PR bonds" ...

    They have abandoned their seats and a new election should be put forth to replace them.

    Your outrage reminds me of Bob dole in 96 Where is the outrage There was none and all your whining cannot produce one and while we are at it your property tax matters are not in the federal constitution unlike voting rights

    So let me get this straight… I’m supposed to believe that 3 of them contracted COVID-19 while there…. I thought they weren’t wearing masks on the plane because they were vaccinated… hang on…. That is 6% of the 50 on the plane from a totally vaccinated plane…. I’m not buying it. They are faking it to avoid being recalled to vote…

    A key agenda item on the Texas Special session called by Governor Abbott, is to reduce out of control property taxes. Meanwhile, our Socialist Democrats are AWOL claiming voter I.D. laws are inhumane. I am 100% fed up with all of them!

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    While we wait on @TexasHDC, here's @SenBryanHughes & myself on what's really in or out of #SB1 the Voter Integrity bill! No poll tax, no Jim Crow, more EVoting hours even on Sunday, no voter suppression & real Harris Co story. #readthebill

    See video here: http://bit.ly/3ePURrz

    Union Gen Gordon Granger's GO #3 on Juneteenth, 1865 says "...all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of rights..." I read this into the Senate record in honor of Ms. Opal Lee of Fort Worth, the "Grandmother" of Juneteenth. Lt Gov @DanPatrick commissions portrait


    Harris Co Commissioner Court resolution blaming #HB1927, #txlege, or @GregAbbott_TX for violent crime increase is "fantasy land"! @LinaHidalgoTX,@RodneyEllis, @AdrianGarciaHTX should stop HC judges from releasing violent crims w/multi bonds onto streets!
    @TomRamsey @crimestoppers

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