Sen Bettencourt Passes HB 2723 Improving 86th Session SB 2’s Property Tax Rate Setting Transparency

Austin, Texas – Senator Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston) unanimously passed HB 2723 authored by House Ways and Means Chair Morgan Meyer (R-Dallas), companion to Senator Bettencourt’s SB1434, to improve the accessibility and awareness of taxing entities property tax websites by creating a statewide website listing all truth-in-taxation websites. The websites were added as a part of SB2 from last session in 2019 creating a one stop location for a property owner to get information on what each taxing entity is proposing as a tax rate for the upcoming year, but HB 2723 consolidates them into one site statewide.

“This bill creates a single portal for all taxpayers to use around the state to be able to follow the critical tax rate setting process by all taxing units in the fall..” said Senator Bettencourt. “Taxpayer transparency has always been my priority and it is Chairman Meyers priority as well because property owners deserve to know what rates taxing entities are proposing on property tax rate increases or decreases.” he added. “The website will be administered by the Department of Information Resources and available for all Texans to check their tax rates before they are adopted and contact your elected officials setting the tax rates electronically.” Bettencourt said.

HB 2723 in establishing the website address to be, it gives maintenance and oversight of the website to Department of Information Resources (DIR). The website information will also be included on other notices sent throughout the year, in addition to the postcard sent at to all taxpayers in August.

“This also allows for the ability to email your elected officials to voice your support or concerns about the proposed property tax rate just one click away,” Bettencourt said. “Taxpayers demand and need transparency in the entire property tax process!” he added.

Chairman Meyers was joined by coauthors Representatives Hugh Shine and Angie Button on HB 2723.