Curtailing County Powers in a Pandemic


With the recent CDC announcement about masks no longer being required for folks with full vaccinations, why does Harris County Judge Lina Hildago still insist upon maintaining a Red Threat Level-1 Alert? Is it some type of  blind obedience to Leftist Progressive Socialist mantra as an explanation? Because the  science and data on COVID-19 trends are clear  locally and Nationally, and they are down in nearly every category.
Without the overriding guidelines from Gov Abbott, Judge Hildago would close non essential business, send all kids home from in school instruction, plus release half the inmates from the County Jail..! This has gone on nearly a year and She is the only County Judge in Texas maintaining this preposterous public policy stance in Texas.
It’s time for “Lockdown Lina” to catch-up with the reality of is actually happening in Harris County and cancel this Red Threat Level-1 Alert status immediately…