The Story The Media Didn’t Print

With the “Woke” moment raging all over the country, the latest craze is to try to literally force corporations and businesses into the fight over Republican sponsored Voter Integrity bills like the “Integrity-7” I filed, and SB 7 the omnibus bill. This is the fight that the Leftist Progressives are having with the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP) right here in H-town!

County Judge Lina Hildago, Mayor Sylvester Turner, and the Houston Chronicle Editorial Board are running an all-out assault against the GHP because they would NOT get involved in the fight over the voter Integrity bills… From the shrill coverage in the Houston Chronicle you would think everyone backs the Democratic Party position that business must speak out against these Legislative efforts, but wait a minute … that doesn’t appear to be true after all!!

In my poll the last week of April in a sample of 300 voters in my Senate District 7, only 6% believe corporations or businesses should be speaking out on these bills! A whopping 77% Don’t, and that’s with Democrats at 70% level with Republicans clocking in at 87% and Independents in-between…

Take a look for yourself and see the cross tabs below.

We sent all that information to the Houston Chronicle and they wouldn’t use it or quote me, so I posted it on social media and emailed it to 300k Harris County residents. It’s bad enough the Editorial Board won’t listen to reason, but when the news desks starting writing 100% unbalanced stories some has to call them out on it, and I did!

Spread the word that you know the real truth that only 6% of all voters in my district want corporations and or businesses involved in this public policy fight! Regular folks simply aren’t buying this media spin!


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