Senator Bettencourt reacts to record number of election challenges filed in Harris County

Houston, TX – Senator Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston) reacts to the record number of a dozen or more election challenges filed in Harris County. “When government calls an election and the County Election Administrator fails to get enough paper ballots to the polls for voters to vote, that’s real voter suppression in my opinion.” said Senator Bettencourt.

In response to the Voter Irregularities by Harris County’s Election Administration in the 2022 November General Election, at least a dozen or more candidates who were on the ballot have filed what is now a record number of election challenges. These challenges include one filed last month by former Judge Erin Lunceford, who lost by 0.26% and cited 19 alleged violations of the Texas Election Code in her lawsuit.

“Public confidence in Harris County’s election system was damaged by the fact that the Harris County EAO Warehouse had a MILLION sheets of ballot paper on hand, yet thousands of voters were turned away from dozens of polls because they ran out of ballot paper. It’s preposterous that Elections Administrator Tatum’s office spent half of election day denying that fact instead of immediately resupplying presiding judges with the needed ballots.” stated Senator Bettencourt.

Harris County’s record number of election challenges follows Governor Greg Abbott and Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg’s calls for an investigation into Harris County Elections. Senator Bettencourt has also refiled Senate Bill 220 in response to the serious Voter Irregularities reported during election day in Harris County. SB 220 will allow the Texas Secretary of State to appoint Election Marshals from the Department of Public Safety who will be able to be dispatched to investigate potential election code violations as they occur during uniform elections and primaries.

“The Courts will have to decide whether to order new elections or not, but first, these election challenges require a full inspection of all records under the Texas Election Code, and that will be illuminating!” Concluded Senator Bettencourt.