Property Tax Disaster Reappraisal SB 1772 Set In House For Tuesday Vote


  • Disaster reappraisal legislation advances in Texas Legislature post Harvey.
  • SB1772 by Senator Bettencourt (R-Houston) which sets up an automatic disaster reappraisal for taxpayers damaged in natural disaster set for vote in House on Tuesday.
  • The constitutional amendment HJR34 authored by Representative Hugh Shine will have the taxpayers voting on the temporary disaster reappraisal election in November passed in the Senate 31-0. This will allow for pro rata tax relief on property tax bills.
  • Triggered by Governor declared disaster so taxpayers only need to apply to their Chief Appraiser who assigns one of four damaged levels to properties for exemptions.
  • Would help at least 55,000 more taxpayers get relief in Harris County after Harvey and places like Rockport, Texas where no relief occurred at all.
  • HJR34 had 50 co-authors and one co-sponsor in the Senate, SB1772 had five co-authors.


**Please call your State Representative and tell them how important this legislation is.  To find your Representative’s phone number please visit: