Harris County Voter Registrar Creates Confusion Suspending Voters In Middle of Election

Possible that some votes won’t be counted that otherwise would have been due to her error
Previous unanswered question remains – are non-citizens being taken off the roll or not?

  • Harris County Voter Registrar – Ann Harris Bennett (D-Houston) – erroneously sent out suspension notices to over a thousand Harris County voters creating serious confusion right before another dog days of summer special election. Her error likely means some voters in the $2.5 billion flood control bond election in Harris County will not have their ballots counted.
  • After absentee ballots have been sent out, if a person is then placed on the suspense list, when the early ballot board looks at their ballot they will not have a statement of residence card included and the ballot will not count without this statement of residence.
  • Harris County Democrat Party Chair Schechter quickly blamed Republicans for the confusion but later admitted to the Houston Chronicle that she had “no evidence to support her claim” and that it “should not be interpreted as a statement of fact.”
  • Unanswered questions remain regarding Ann Harris Bennett’s court fight, spending taxpayer money, regarding her refusal to remove non-citizens from the voter roll. (https://bit.ly/2BC0wQI)

“The integrity of the voter roll is paramount because without it the public can question the results of any election,” said Senator Bettencourt. “These actions are undermining the integrity of the Harris Country voter roll, which is not only the largest in the state of Texas, but the very fabric of our election process, and it must stop!”