Bettencourt Recognized For Perfect Attendance

Starting the weekend before Memorial day, we were on the floor for 56 out of 80 clock hours straight. It is my job as Republican Caucus Chair to ensure we look over every amendment or bill that comes through, because a lot of our people are tied up on the budget conference committee.  The Caucus Treasurer Van Taylor and I would arrange to make sure that one of us was on the floor at all times because of where we sit that one of us would be there to read amendments as they were presented.

We would ask other members, like Vice-Chairman Brandon Creighton, to help block bad amendments, which at the time are often entire bills being brought over in many cases without a hearing.  We were successful in blocking a lot of bad legislation.  Showing up to work is important in the Senate, and that is why I appreciate the recognition from Patsy Spaw, the Secretary of the Senate, for the 2nd session in a row.

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