Senator Bettencourt Holds SD 7 Precinct Chair Workshop

Discussing his signature piece of legislation for the 85th Legislative Session, Senator Paul Bettencourt outlined Senate Bill 2, the Texas Property Tax Reform and Relief Act of 2017, designed to alleviate the oppressive property tax burdens on Texas homeowners.

Citing statistics to which many of Texas’ working families can personally attest, Bettencourt reminded Workshop attendees that in just a three year period from 2013-2016, the taxable value of an average home in Harris County increased a shocking 36.4% and tax levies were outpacing median income by up to a 3-1 margin.

Grant Dunwoody, Chairman for Precinct 309, Senator Bettencourt’s home precinct, is introducing a resolution in support of SB2 at the Monday night Harris County Republican Party Executive Committee Meeting. Click here to read the SB2 Resolution.

Click here to review Senator Bettencourt’s Harris County Property Tax Presentation.

Click here for the Facebook post discussing San Antonio Democrat mayoral candidate endorsing Senator Bettencourt’s tax relief bill and share with your friends.

Bill King Explains Dire Need for Pension Reform

Former Houston Mayoral Candidate Bill King ran his 2015 campaign on smarter fiscal policy for Houston City Hall. A cornerstone of that policy was reforming Houston’s pension systems. Due to the deep concern from many Harris County Republicans, King gave a briefing on solutions needed to address the grave state of the debt owed for pensions currently on the books.

Chairman for Precinct 730, Joseph McReynolds is introducing a resolution at Monday’s HCRP Meeting to impress the urgency of sustainable solutions to resolve the pension debt and push back against an issuance of a $1 Billion bond without voter approval.

Click here to review the Pension Reform Resolution.

State Representative Dwayne Bohac Urges Scholarships for School Choice

State Representative Dwayne Bohac is leading the School Choice push with legislation (HB 1184) to provide tax credit scholarships to families for use at public or private schools. He showed his prowess on the subject shedding light that, at this point, 30 states already have such scholarships for children and Bohac is working to make Texas the thirty-first state to provide this opportunity to students. Russell Rush, Chairman for Precinct 155, will introduce a Resolution at the HCRP meeting Monday night supporting Bohac’s legislation for these scholarships. Click here to read the Tax Credit Scholarships resolution.

State Representative Mike Schofield Aims to Stop Faithless Electors

A major story in the very final days of the 2016 presidential election saga were those Presidential Electors turning against the voters who elected them to represent their district’s presidential vote. Texas was a significant part of that story with several electors going against the will of the voters on their own volition. Representative Mike Schofield explained his legislation (HB 771) to stop “Faithless Electors” and ensure the integrity of the will of the voters is upheld. Jim McSpadden, Chairman of Precinct 727, will introduce a resolution in support of this legislation. Click here to read the Faithless Elector resolution.

Freshmen Legislators Discuss their First Session’s First Days

State Representatives Tom Oliverson, Kevin Roberts and Valoree Swanson each gave their perspectives on the opening days of their first Legislative Session discussing drafted legislation, constituent relations and upcoming events.

It showed they are learning the ropes. Representative Swanson ran through a litany of several pieces of legislation she is sponsoring and co-sponsoring.

Each invited people visiting Austin to stop by their offices when at the Capitol Building.