Sen. Bettencourt calls on Texas Republicans to support Trump/Pence Law & Order Ticket

HOUSTON – Reacting to the week of Republican Convention news and strong speeches by Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump, as well as Vice-Presidential Nominee Governor Mike Pence, Senator Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston) has called upon all Texas Republicans and like-minded voters to vote a straight Republican ticket in the upcoming November Presidential election.

“From the White House down to the courthouse, vote a straight Republican ticket in this November’s Presidential election,” said Senator Bettencourt.

Bettencourt added, “This week’s convention in Cleveland shows the real need for a change in the draconian federal policies in Washington, D.C. that have produced $19 trillion in debt, a breakdown of law and order in cities throughout the country, and Obamacare which has resulted in a proposed 58% premium increase by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas in just one year. Compare that to a balanced budget in the state of Texas and the good work law and order Republican officials and judges do in counties around the state. The conclusion is obvious.”

Reacting to any endorsement controversies at the National Republican Convention this week Senator Bettencourt added: “Most folks in Southeast Texas know I have led straight ticket Republican voting efforts, especially in Harris County, for years. I believe the Republican philosophy of limited government, jobs, economic growth, the sanctity of life, a strong national defense, and securing our countries borders is best for all Texans and their families.”

“The right thing for Republican leadership to do is to join my call to vote straight ticket Republican from the top of the ballot to the bottom, and you only have 108 days to get it right!” concluded Senator Bettencourt.

In additional to serving in Senate District 7, Senator Bettencourt is the Texas Senate Republican Caucus Chairman. He has held the Republican Party offices of State Party Treasurer, Harris County Vice-Chair, and Treasurer. Senator Bettencourt has been a three time National Delegate and in 2012 he was a Presidential Elector from Texas, were he was one of just 203 electoral votes for the Republican Presidential ticket that year.