Fast response by Constables, Officers and SWAT team save lives

HOUSTON – “Yesterday’s tragic shooting in the Memorial Wilcrest area could have been far worse if not for the nearly immediate response of Harris County Pct 5 Deputy Constables, HPD Officers, and the Houston SWAT team.” said Senator Bettencourt, who lives one half mile from the shooting, in the Wilchester subdivision. He heard the first shots fired from his front porch including the 5 shots that’s struck the HPD helicopter circling the active shooting scene on Sunday.

“In visiting with Pct 5 Deputy Constable Luna who was reporting to Chief Deputy Ted Heath at the scene, he showed me the point on his chest where the shooter hit him with a round from an AR-15 at 400 yards.” Senator Bettencourt added.

Fortunately Deputy Luna was wearing a second layer of Kevlar and the shot struck him less than an inch from his open neckline while another deputy received shrapnel wound to the hand before a Houston SWAT team member shot the shooter at 100 yards.

“An area resident tragically lost his life, killed in front of two business owners he was speaking with that morning, and 4 more were wounded by the shooter, who was described as proficient in weapons handling by professionals at the scene.” said Senator Bettencourt as he offered his prayers and condolences.

Senator Bettencourt also said, “Let us remember the deceased and the living innocent victims too, on this Memorial Day.”

Senator Bettencourt witnessed the service station owners’ consent to search forms needed by the HPD investigative team.