Senator Bettencourt voices opposition to secessionist GOP platform plank

Dallas – Today, Senator Paul Bettencourt (SD-7) voiced his opposition to a secessionist GOP platform plank under discussion at the Texas State Republican Convention in Dallas.

“Texans have always had a proud history to fall back on in both good times and bad and today in a critical Presidential Election it is no different,” said Senator Bettencourt. “We Texans have always infused our independent conservative nature into everything we do and accomplish. Both my Texan Grandfather and Father fought in WWI and WWII respectively to make the world safe for democracy, and luckily both of these American “boys” came home to have a family and help make the American Century the light of the world.”

A platform item calling for Texas independence was voted out of a special committee on Wednesday and will now be available for delegates to discusson on the convention floor.

“Today in the 21st Century we Texans can’t turn away from being the Shinning City on a Hill that helps rekindle the flame of American Exceptionalism,” Bettencourt continued. “Our record of job creation, individual responsibility, and faith based reasoning means our Texas example is the spring board of ideas that can return the United States to the leadership of the free world for the betterment of all manking.”

“Facing down a national $19 Trillion debt, an exploding bureaucracy, and a Federal Government bent on reducing personal liberty would be a daunting task without Texas in the fight. Let us not turn our backs on the rest of the United States and instead LEAD the fight to make America great again. I urge the delegates to reject this platform item,” concluded Senator Bettencort.

The Texas Republican Convention is being held in Dallas at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center and will continue through Saturday, May 14, 2016.