Voter ID

Before nearly anyone knew it was a real public policy issue, Paul Bettencourt testified before the Republican Congress for a true United States Citizenship List and a Photo ID!

Read Paul’s testimony before the Committee on House Administration, where the “Taxman” told the federal government how to scrub voter rolls, create a citizenship list from existing records and the importance of having a Photo ID in voting before it was “Cool”.

“When I was asked to testify in Washington DC for the Federal Election Integrity Act, it was in recognition of my effort as Harris County Voter Registrar to successfully scrub 50,000 deceased and felon registrations off of the County Voter Roll prior to the Presidential election of 2000. If Texas and Florida’s places in History had been reversed, the “dead” could have elected a President!

“Of course no one that is deceased votes, but others do!! I was proud to be one of the first called before Congress to make the simple case, Voting should be a right of citizenship in the United States.”

“Even in 2013 the country still doesn’t have a US Citizenship list, and Photo ID is still as adamantly opposed by the Democratic Party as it was back in this hearing. This July 4th Holiday reminds me of why our Country needs simple common sense solutions right now!”

While Texas has a Photo ID law that took three sessions to pass, the Democratic Party and its plaintiff’s should now drop their lawsuit blocking its implementation. Without a US Citizenship list there is still no ‘positive lock” on whose ID it really is and it’s all so simple to implement!