“Paul Bettencourt is a friend and ally in the war for conservative ideas. He is a veteran of countless battles, always standing for conservative principles. His intellect and command of the issues will make him an immediate threat to the liberals in Austin. I’ll be proud to have Paul Bettencourt representing me in the Texas Senate.”
Steven F. Hotze, MD
President, Conservative Republicans of Harris County

“I only wish Paul would drop the nick-name, the Taxman, as he’s always been for the Taxpayer!”
Terry Lowry
Host, What’s Up Radio Program
Editor, The Link Letter

“Paul Bettencourt, like Ronald Reagan, is a principled conservative who thinks of the Taxpayers, first, not last. He is the conservative problem solver we need in Austin. Paul is a visionary whose ideas will help Texas face the challenges of the future.”
Gary Polland
Editor, Texas Conservative Review
Former Chairman, Harris County Republican Party

“Paul Bettencourt is a principled conservative leader who will bring years of leadership experience and knowledge to the Texas Senate.  Paul is committed to the lawsuit reforms that have helped to make the Texas economy the strongest in the nation, creating more new jobs than any other state.  His record of public service is exemplary and TLR PAC is proud to endorse him.”
Richard J. Trabulsi, Jr.
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC Chairman

“Paul Bettencourt has always been there for us on every single fight for conservative causes, and as a citizen I’m there for him now in his race for SD 7.”
Pastor Rick Scarbough
Vision America

“I formally endorse Paul Bettencourt for the position of State Senator District 7. He is a tried and true leader that stands strong on the Pro-Life and conservative issues that Senatorial District 7 holds so close to their heart. Paul has proven experience and a unique talent of pulling together both sides of the aisle to advance common sense public policy; all without sacrificing his core social and fiscal beliefs much like Ronald Reagan has done in the past. Please join me in proudly supporting the best candidate for Senate District 7 via sweat equity or financial support.”
David Riddle
Senate District 7, Chairman

“Paul Bettencourt is the Conservative Leader we need in Austin. Anytime our conservative values are attacked, we can always count on Paul to help lead the fight. It is this type of leadership we need in Austin. I’m honored to support him.”
Jared Woodfill
Chairman, Harris County Republican Party


Conservative Republicans of Harris County
Harris County GOP PAC
Houston Realty Business Coalition
The Link Letter
Life PAC
Texas Alliance for Life
Texas Association of Business
Texas Conservative Review
Texas Conservative View
Texans for Lawsuit Reform
Texas Right to Life
Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
Texas Apartment Association
Texas Association of Realtors
Houston Association of Realtors
Young Conservatives of Texas
Rated “A” by the National Rifle Association


Elected Officials

Donna Bahorich — State Board of Education, District 6
Dwayne Bohac – State Representative
Helena Brown – Houston City Councilmember, Dist A
Jack Cagle – Harris County Commissioner, Pct 4
John Culberson – United States Congressman (TX-7)
Chris Daniel – Harris County District Clerk
Robert Eckels – former Harris County Judge, State Representative
Gary Elkins – State Representative
Michael Fleming – Former Harris County Attorney
Allen Fletcher – State Representative
Gayle Fuller – Commissioner, Harris County ESD No. 7
Dan Huberty – State Representative
Brian Hughes – State Representative
Cheryl Johnson, Galveston County Tax Assessor-Collector
Rick Miller – State Representative
Jim Murphy – State Representative
Joe Nixon – former State Representative
Paul Pressler – former State Representative, District Judge, Appellate Judge
Debbie Riddle – State Representative
Orlando Sanchez – Harris County Treasurer
Kyle Scott – Trustee, Lone Star Community College
Mike Stafford – former Harris County Attorney
Stan Stanart – Harris County Clerk
Phil Stephenson – State Representative
Mike Sullivan – Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector
Don Sumners – former Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector
James White – State Representative

Republican Party Leaders

Cathie Adams – former National Committeewoman, and State Chairman
Larry Bush – former SD7 Chair
Madeline Collier –  Harris County Republican Party Vice Chair
Patricia Henderson – former President, Ronald Reagan RWC
Jim Hotze – SD 17 Chair
Clint Moore,  – Former SREC SD 7 Committeeman
Gary Polland – former Chairman, Harris County Republican Party
Terese Raia – former SREC SD 17 Committeewoman
Mark Ramsey – SREC SD7 Committeeman
David Riddle – SD7 Chair
George Strake – Former State Republican Party Chairman
Valoree Swanson – SREC SD7 Committeewoman
Jared Woodfill – Chairman, Harris County Republican Party

Republican Precinct Chairs – SD 7

Barbie Freeman – Pct 74, Chair
Carol Baker – Pct 82, Chair
Clint Moore – Pct 110 Chair
Dawn Rieke – Pct 111 Chair
David Riddle  – Pct 114 Chair
Carol Johnson – former Pct 120 Chair
Linda Bowles – Pct 125 Chair
Nubia Devin – Pct 126 Former Chair
Matt Heffernan – Pct 127 Chair
Sara Singleron – Pct 143 Chair
Russell Rush – Pct 155 Chair
Jack Rogers  – Pct 173 Chair
Norm Wigington – Pct 213 Chair
Walter Hathcock – Pct 245 Chair
Sharlette Marie Daniels – Pct 246 Chair
Fred Blanton – Pct 263 Chair
Daniel Egger – Pct 265 Chair
Lisa Wiggs McMinn – Pct 309 Chair
Charly Vargis – Pct 314 Chair
Tim O’Briant – Pct 370 Chair
Betty Avery – Pct 398 Chair
Roman Klein – Pct 437 Chair
James Buford Johnson – Pct 439 Chair
Ed Johnson – Pct 440 Chair
Frank Hinnant, Pct 441 Chair
Bruce Campbell – Pct 463 Chair
Tom Guyton – Pct 477 Chair
Ronnie Deschamps – Pct 479 Chair
Melissa Powell – Pct 480 Chair
Terry Lowry – Pct 485 Chair
Joe Pennington – Pct 495 Chair
Ralph Fite – Pct 499 Chair
Stan Burton – Pct 500 Chair
Herbert Clark – Pct 514 Chair
Virgil Vickery – Pct 515 Chair
Perky Savage – Pct 519 Chair
Renia Brunig  – Pct 521 Chair
Anthony Meyer – Pct 523 Chair
Edith Gibson – Pct 548 Chair
Bill Drout – Pct 550 Chair
David Hodgins – Pct 551 Chair
Valoree Swanson – Pct 552 Chair
Clif Edwards – Pct 553 Chair
Ken Glass  – Pct 586 Chair
Tom Zakes – Former Pct 586 Chair
Gerald Fruzia – Pct 596 Chair
Edward Lapham – Pct 602 Chair
Michael Hawkins – Pct 621 Chair
Mike Palmquist – Pct 633 Chair
Craig Kovach –  Pct 634 Chair
Amy Powell – Pct 641 Chair
Kay Waghorne – Pct 642 Chair
Elvie Kingston – Pct 648 Chair
Ben Petry – Pct 651 former chair
Elizabeth Phillips – Pct 667 Chair
Eric Standee – Pct 669 Chair
Mark Garrett – Pct 672 Chair
Marilyn Hinkel Peacock – Pct 687 Chair
Martin Rogoff – Pct 713 Chair
Alan Davis – Pct 734 Chair
Ernie Garcia – Pct 747 Chair
Dan Comstock – Pct 759 Chair
Keith Miller – Pct 768 Chair
Becky Flowers – former Pct 771 Chair
Richard Feiden – Pct 800 Chair
Bruce Slover – Pct 803 Chair
Drake Cameron – Pct 805 Chair
Charlotte Lampe – Pct 828 Chair
Alex McCoy – Pct 876 Chair
Jan Ray Heinricks – Pct 880Chair
Mike Bristow – Pct 881 Chair
John Walker, Jr – Pct 918 Chair
Jason Roper – Pct 1016 Chair

Business Leaders

Norman Adams – Adams Insurance
Bob Borchoff – Café Adobe
Mike Boylan – Houston Property Management
Jeff Daily – Daily Instruments
David Dettling – Dettling Funeral Home
Charlie Fogarty – Steamboat House
Austen Furse — Hawkins Ranch
Lee Girard — Girard Interests
Al Hartman — Hartman Mgmt
Edd Hendee – Taste of Texas & KSEV Morning Show
Margaret Hotze, Foundation For Life
Larry Hicks – CPA
Bryon Hood
Bruce Hotze – CECO
Steve Hotze – Hotze Health & Wellness Center
James Janke – Tommy Vaughn Ford
Bob Jones – Carter and Jones
Paul Kubosh – Attorney
Jim Laxmidas – AGI
John Lodge – Lodge Lumber
J.W. Lodge IV – Lodge Lumber
Daniel D. Louie, D.D.S., Ph.D
Patrick Mahoney – Attorney at Law
Bob Martin – Robert E Martin & Associates
Ed Mattingly – Attorney
Robert Miller – Attorney
Malcolm Morris – Stewart Title
Pat O’Connor – O’Connor & Associates
Joe Ols – OLS Maintenance Supply
Danny Patel – SOM Construction
David Peacock – Peacock Cadillac and Nissan
Lance Roberts – Street Talk Advisors
Thomas D. Simmons, Jr. – Simmons Vedder Partners
Joe Slovacek – Hoover/Slovacek
Jim Smith – Smith Co.
Carroll Smith – Monument Chevrolet
Gary Stein – Triple S Steel
Kim Stevens – Michael Stevens Interests
Ben Streusand – Investments
Fabian Torres – Guadalajara Restaurants
David Welch, Houston Pastor’s Council
Fred Welling
Welcome Wilson, Jr — GSL Interests
Welcome Wilson, Sr – GSL Interests
Stacey Gillman Wimbish – Gillman Auto
Lee Zeeban
Fred Ziedman

Community Leaders

Jana Fay Bacarisse
Mike Boylan
Tom Cottor
Craig Hagedon
Margaret Hotze
Norma Jeter
Roman Klien
Nancy Lapham
Bill Moore
Katy O’Briant
Leonila Olivares
Norma Ovalle
Bob Price
Lynn Strang
David Welch