24 Hour Report

The outpouring of support has been overwhelming.  I had no idea that so many friends would be so quick to join our team.  It is truly humbling.

Thanks to those of you who have called and emailed.  I invite you to go to the website and click the “Get Involved” tab and sign up – make a donation while you are there.  Facebook users, please “like” our page.  We had over 100 do so already.

I want to draw special attention to three endorsements I received yesterday.  As much as Sue (and others) tell me I like to talk – these left me speechless.

“Paul Bettencourt is a friend and ally in the war for conservative ideas.  He is a veteran of countless battles, always standing for conservative principles.  His intellect and command of the issues will make him an immediate threat to the liberals in Austin.  I’ll be proud to have Paul Bettencourt representing me in the Texas Senate.”

Steven F. Hotze, MD
President, Conservative Republicans of Harris County

“I only wish Paul would drop the nick-name, the Taxman, as he’s always been for the Taxpayer!”

Terry Lowry
Host, What’s Up Radio Program
Editor, The Link Letter

“Paul Bettencourt, like Ronald Reagan, is a principled conservative who thinks of the Taxpayers, first, not last. He is the conservative problem solver we need in Austin. Paul is a visionary whose ideas will help Texas face the challenges of the future.”

Gary Polland
Editor, Texas Conservative Review
Former Chairman, Harris County Republican Party

I’m proud of our progress in just the last 24 hours.  But I won’t rest until we celebrate victory together.  Thank you for your encouragement.

God Bless Texas!